5.5 meter class Cup Series & World Championship

5.5 meter class Cup Series & World Championship

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) is honoured to host The Scandinavian Gold Cup, The Royal Kaag Classic Cup, The Hankö Evolution Cup, and the 5.5 metre World Championship from August 6th to 14th, 2021.


The event will take place at the island Hankø. All yachts will be moored at the Hankø Yacht Club.


Hankø has been the main venue for international regattas in Norway for the last hundred years. The sailing will take place just off the island in open waters, where the wind and sea conditions are quite predictable. When the sea breeze fills in from the south this is for sure one of the best racecourses in Norway, some says in the world.


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Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2020



5.5 meter class Cup Series & World Championship

6.-14. August 2021 at Hankø Yacht Club

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