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Boating License

Boating License, a Norwegian Certificate.

Information and registration for boat driver’s license, a Norwegian certificate.

The course runs over 5 evenings from 18.00-20.30 on teams and one evening in classrooms with map work in April.


The dates are:

Teams Wednesday April 7
Teams Monday April 12 
Teams Wednesday April 14 
Teams Monday April 19 
Classroom Wednesday April 21 at 18.00-20.30 map work, attendance KNS Huk Aveny 1
Exam Monday  April 26 or by appointment.

Information about the boat driver license.

The boat driver’s license is a Norwegian certificate that is required for everyone born after 01.01.1980.

If you have the certificate and are older than 16 years, you are allowed to drive boats, motor and sailing,  up to  15 meters.

KNS has  a course for English speakers who want to take boat drivertest in English.

Unfortunately there is no English literature for the course, just several English books that only cover certain parts of the curriculum.

Since it is no English book which covers the curriculum KNS will distribute various copies that will be sent out digitally.

ICC course:

The boat driver test is part of the ICC certificate, the theoretical requirement which you must pass before you can take a practical test.

After you have passed the boat driver test, you can sign up for a practical test. If you take the test in a sailing boat your ICC license will cover both motor and sailing boats, but if you take the test in a motorboat the license only will cover motorboats.

After you have passed the theoretical test and the practical test, you will receive the ICC certificate.

Lene Johansen
Leder for kurs og utdanning
Royal Norwegian Yacht Club
e-post: lene@kns.no
Mobil: 93 48 43 80
KNS sekretariat 23 27 56 00

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