Practical information

Practical information


Vikane has two parking lots to service sailors, organizers and spectators. «Parking A», also known as «Furuøy parking» is closest to the ferry and to the sea. «Parking B», also known as «Fjeldly parking» is placed on the other side of the main road through Vikane. There will be signs at the main road. This little map gives you an overview over Hankø and Vikane, the parking and the ferry.



«Parking A»


“Parking A” is a public (car) parking lot at Vikane. A ticket is bought at a parking meter, which accepts Norwegian coins and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard/EuroCard, Diners). The paving is asphalt, and the distance to the ferry and to Hankø Marina is 100-150 m. The outmost part of the parking lot is private, and is divided from the rest with a bar. Please do not park your vehicle here.

«Parking B»


Parking B, at the other side of the main road through Vikane, is an area where you can park your car inexpensively and flexibly. The ground is grass/soil and gravel, not suitable for heavy vehicles – at least on rainy days when it is transformed to mud. The tariff is NOK 40 per day, paid cash in a clever envelope system. The owners of the parking lot are the neighbors to the lot. Please follow their instructions to maximize utilization of the available space. The distance to the ferry and to Hankø Marina is 150-200 m.


Launching and Lifting boats

Participating boats are divided in to two launching and lifting places. Fredrikstad Seilforening and Hankø Marina. Launching and lifting is included in the entry fee.


Launch and lift location

Date Time

Hankø Marina

24/6  10:00 - 21:00

25/6  08:00 - 10:00

27/6  After race – 19:00

28/6  10:00 – 14:00

Fredrikstad Seilforening

22/6  18:00 - 20:00

23/6  18:00 - 20:00

24/6  10:00 – 21:00

25/6  08:00 – 10:00

27/6 After race - 19:00

28/6 10:00 - 14:00

Fjeldly Marina

24/6  10:00 - 21:00

25/6  08:00 - 10:00

27/6  After race – 19:00

28/6  10:00 – 14:00

Trailers must be parked in accordance with crane personnel instructions.



For the GRUNDIG Hankø Race Week mooring will be at Hankø Yacht Club and at Seilerkroa Gjestehavn, with designated placing of the competing yachts. Please refer to the Harbor plans found at the notice board in

HYC’s harbor master will be in charge of organizing the harbor at HYC. Tenders and extra boats brought to live in will be placed in buoys or at Seilerkroa, unless space at HYC is already confirmed. Please follow instructions from the organizer.

As most of the boats are moored longside or between stage and buoy, please bring at least four (4) fenders to provide sufficient protection. Each boat should also bring four (4) mooring ropes. Please observe that the boats along the outside of the stage at HYC should be moored with an offset to avoid rig collisions caused by waves.




Hankø Fjordhotell & Spa


Bilderesultater for hankø fjordhotell


As most of you will know, Hankø Fordhotell & Spa is the only hotel on the island. Consequently, it is also the best hotel on the island.

We are pleased to cooperate with this traditional hotel. Although some of the buildings originate from the 1870s, the hotel now even offers a large modern SPA department with swimming pool. Whether you stay in the hotel or not, enjoy its services and facilities to get an even more pleasant stay on the island!


Contact information:

Phone: +47 69 38 28 50 Web site:

There is also quite a few summerhouses for rent at Airbnb:
 4-6 modest cottages available in a caravan park by the sea. The cottages have each three beds (one bunk bed), terrace and basic cooking facilities. The beach is the best in the area with extremely clear waters.  Contact Feriehjemmet Solviken: +47 69 33 32 07

You can also check and search; Hankø




Social & food at Hankø


There are four restaurants at and around Hankø.

  • Hankø Yacht Club
  • Hankøsund Restaurant
  • Seilkroa
  • Hankø Fjordhotell


Bookings can be made directly to the restaurants.

The invited classes will host social happenings during the regatta. Please contact the relevant class organization for details.

After each day of racing there will be a social gathering and “Daily First” prize giving at Hankø Yacht Club.


Hankø Yacht Club also offers:


Lunch pack
After Sail meal
Price Giving Dinner


Tickets will be made availble to purchase for all participants, guests and family as we get closer to the event. Information will be sent by email to the contact person named when entering for the race.




Using GPS navigators or Internet map services


When using an electronic routing tool (such as a GPS or an internet map service) the address “Vikaneveien 405, Gressvik” will give the position of the parking lot at Vikane, just by the berth of the Hankø ferry.

Recommended internet map service, in English, with routing tool:


Bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Hankø


The Airport Express Coach (Flybussen - Fredrikstad FB 11) runs from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Fredrikstad on an hourly basis on weekdays. The weekend schedule is slightly less frequent. Look for the buses and line “F11 Fredrikstad”. The trip from the airport takes just over two hours. The buses are comfortable and almost always exactly on schedule. The price is NOK 270-310,- per person – VISA, MasterCard, AmEx and Diners accepted. Ask the bus driver if he can arrange a taxi from Skåra, which is just a 10 minute’s drive to Vikane and Hankø. Fredrikstad Taxi has phone 02600 (available from Norway only). For updated timetables and prices visit the


Other public transportation


Going to Hankø/Vikane by public transportation is possible, although it might take quite some time. Fredrikstad has train and express bus lines from the north (downtown Oslo) and from the south (Gothenburg). From the city centre of Fredrikstad, the local bus line 302 takes you to Vikane about every hour. For train schedules, visit


Ferry to Hankø


The little ferry HANKØSUND takes you across Hankøsundet (“the Hankø sound”) from the mainland to Hankø. The ferry berth on the mainland is located at Furuøy, just outside the main parking lot at Vikane. On Hankø, the ferry stops at Hankø Yacht Club and outside Seilerkroa (“The Sailor’s Tavern”).  One trip is NOK 50,- per person.

The ferry runs from 07:30 to 23:20 on Monday to Saturday and 08:00 to 17:30 on Sundays.

HANKØSUND is in non-stop traffic and will always return to the ferry berth at the mainland. When the ferry is needed at Hankø, it is called by pushing a button at the ferry berth.

KNS will make available 2 ribs for the participants for transportation across the Hankø sound.




We expect that some of you have not been racing at Hankø before, and therefore are interested in the weather, wind and current conditions at the venue. At Hankø, the last  week of June often has maximum temperatures of 15-25°C, weather conditions vary  from clear skies to heavy rain, although a typical day is like this: 
Partly cloudy, very light and shifty winds in the morning, picking up to 12-20 knots in the afternoon when the land is heated and the sea breeze fills in. As parts of the racing areas are quite shallow, you might experience some quite short and steep waves.


Water temperature is usually between 18 and 22°C. – Weather at Hankø, overview with links to meteogram and long-term forecast  




A prize giving ceremony for all classes followed by a prize giving dinner will take place Saturday 27th June at Hankø Yacht Club. The prize giving ceremony will start at 19:00 hrs. The following dinner will be served at 20:00.  How to book tickets to be announced.




Wednesday June 24th
Registration.                                                          18:00-21:30                Race office

Thursday June 25th:
Registration                                                            08:30-10:00                Race Office

Official opening and shippers meeting     10:00

Racing, first warning signal                                 12:00

After sail Meal                                                                                               Hankø Yacht Club
Daily first                                                                 17:30                            Hankø Yacht Club

Friday June 26th:

Racing, first warning signal                                12:00
After sail meal                                                                                               Hankø Yacht Club
Daily first                                                                 17:30                            Hankø Yacht Club

Saturday June 27th:

Racing, first warning signal                                11:00  
Daily first / After sail meal                                  17:30                           Hankø Yacht Club      
Prize giving                                                              19:00                           Hankø Yacht Club

Prize giving dinner                                                 20:00                           Hankø Yacht Club




Royal Norwegian Yacht Club:


Race office: +47 93 00 70 11
Mobile: +47 93 43 03 56


Hankø Yacht Club:

Phone: +47 69 33 22 21
Mobile: +47 47 38 66 83


Harbormaster Hankø Yacht Club

Phone: +47 69 33 22 21


Hankø Marina

Phone: +47 41 53 53 33


Hankøsund restaurant

Phone: +47 97 88 62 10


Hankø Fjordhotel & Spa

Phone: +47 69 38 28 50


Race committee:

PRO Race course 1
Kristian Fæste
Phone: +47 92 01 44 01


PRO Race course 2
Lars Erik Larsen
Phone: +47 48 04 88 65


Head of jury

Thomas Kresse
Phone: +47 90 07 87 00

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