KNS boatpool is an alternative to owning a boat and/or a fun way to practice sailing on modern & sporty sailboats. As member of KNS boatpool you get access to four J70 and two J80 boats ready to sail. 


KNS Boatpool

KNS has a fleet of J70 and J80 boats that can be used by KNS members that have basic sailing skills. With our annual Boatpool

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Booking Calendar

Only skippers have access to KNS online booking system. Crew users are entitled to sail with authorized skippers

Check in/out boats

Users are obligated to check in/out boats. Before and after use. Click the buttons below to check in/out

Boatpool usermanual

Before Sailing Before sailing, the team needs to: Check latest check out report, there is information about any errors or defects at the boats. Pick

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Term and Conditions of use

Membership and user categories Registered boat pool users are defined in to categories: “Skippers” are authorized users that have access to boat booking systems. KNS

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