Kurs & seiltilbud

Kurs & seiltilbud


Welcome to KNS boatpool

Boatpool is an alternative to owning a boat and/or a fun way to practice sailing on modern & sporty sailboats. As member of KNS boatpool you get access to five J70 and three J80 boats ready to sail. 

The boatpool members can use the boats for training, regattas and leisure. 

KNS Boatpool

KNS has a fleet of five J70 and three J80 boats that can be used by KNS members that have basic sailing skills. With our

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Booking Calendar

Only skippers have access to KNS online booking system. Crew users are entitled to sail with authorized skippers

Check in/out boats

Users are obligated to check in/out boats. Before and after use. Click the buttons below to check in/out

Boatpool usermanual

Before Sailing Before sailing, the team needs to: Check latest check out report, there is information about any errors or defects at the boats. Pick

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Term and Conditions of use

Membership and user categories Registered boat pool users are defined in to categories: “Skippers” are authorized users that have access to boat booking systems. KNS

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