Sailing at Hankø 2024

We look forward to seeing you at Hankø for some spectacular racing. Hankø has been the main venue for international regattas in Norway for the last hundred years. The sailing will take place just off the island in open waters, where the wind and sea conditions are quite predictable. When the sea breeze fills in from south this is for sure one of the best race courses in Norway, some says in the world.

Hankø Yacht Club is located on the small island Hankø.

Hankø Yacht Club is located on the small island Hankø. There is no cars on the island, and the only way to get to the island is by ferry or boat.

How to get there:

Using GPS navigators or Internet map services
When using an electronic routing tool (such as a GPS or an internet map service) the address “Vikaneveien 405, Gressvik” will give the position of the parking lot at Vikane, just by the berth for the Hankø ferry.

Bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Hankø
The Airport Express Coach runs from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Fredrikstad on an hourly basis on week-days. The week-end schedule is slightly less frequent. Look for the buses and line “F11 Fredrikstad”. The trip from the airport takes just over two hours. The buses are comfortable and almost always exactly on schedule. The price is from NOK 310,- each person/ one way – VISA, MasterCard, AmEx and Diners accepted. Ask the bus driver if he can arrange a taxi from Skåra, which is just 10 minutes drive from Vikane and Hankø. Fredrikstad Taxi has phone 02600 (available from Norway only). For updated timetables and prices visit

Ferry to Hankø
The little ferry HANKØSUND takes you across Hankøsundet (“the Hankø sound”) from the mainland to Hankø. The ferry berth on the mainland is located at Furuøy, just outside the main parking lot at Vikane. On Hankø, the ferry stops at one berth at Hankø Yacht Club and one berth just outside Seilerkroa (“The Sailor’s Tavern”).

Under you will find information about guest berths, hotels in Hankø and Fredrikstad, summerhouses for rent, caravan parking and camping sites.

Guest berths

There are guest berthes available for visitors at Hankø Marina, Fredrikstad Seilforening (Fredrikstad Yacht Club) and Seilerkroa for those who have a boat to live in during the championship.
Booking and more information:

Hankø Marina:
Number to call: +47 415 35 333
Seilerkroa: Booking: 69 33 25 35
Fredrikstad Seilforning: or contact; Atle Johannesen – +47 974 80 124


Hankø Hotel and SPA
Hankø Hotel and SPA is the only hotel on the Island.
The hotel offers a SPA department with swimming pool.
7 minutes walk from the hotel til Hankø Yacht Club

Single room – NOK kr. 1495,- pr. night – includes breakfast and SPA entry.
Double room (two persons) NOK kr. 1995,- per night – includes breakfast and SPA entry.

Hotels in Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad city is located approximately 15-20 minutes by car, and 30 minutes by bus to the ferry that takes you over to Hankø.

Quality Hotel Fredrikstad – Tlf. +47 69 39 30 67,
Booking code: EM ORCi

Single room – (Before 01.03) NOK kr. 1295,- pr. night – includes breakfast.
Single room – (01.03-01.05.2022) NOK kr. 1695 – includes breakfast.
Double room (two persons) (Before 01.03) NOK kr. 1495,- per night – includes breakfast.
Double room (two persons) (01.03-01.05.2022) NOK kr. 1895,- per night – includes breakfast.
Google maps directions

Scandic City – Tlf. +47 90 07 67 00 –
Booking code: EM ORCi – send mail to
Single room – NOK kr. 1169,- pr. night – includes breakfast.
Double room (two persons) NOK kr. 1296,- per night – includes breakfast.
Superior room – Single room NOK kr. 1339,- per night, double room NOK kr. 1466,- per night – includes breakfast.
Superior room extra – Single room NOK kr. 1509,- per night, double room NOK kr. 1636,- per night – includes breakfast.
Rooms with 3 to 4 beds – price on request.
Google maps directions

Summerhouses for rent:

There are a few private summerhouses for available for rent at Hankø and the nearby area that are not listed at or Airbnb. For more information, please contact Nine Paulsen at or phone: +47 41 31 84 84

Summerhouses avilable:
Slevik Kilen (next bay south) (httpos://
Summerhouse 1 with 12-15 beds- Located 5/8 min drive (car/rib) from Hankø. Parking, Jetty, Boat rent is possible, Washing machine/dryer. 200m walk to jetty.

Skjærhalden – small Island across from Hankø
Summerhouse 3 with 8-10 beds – Located 1 min with rib from Hankø Yacht Club. Jetty and parking on main land.

Summerhouse 4 with 5 bedrooms with 10 beds – Located 300m Southeast of Hankø Yacth Club. 2 parking Places, Jetty with 3.5 m with, 2 bathrooms, Washing machine/dryer.
Summerhouse 5 with 3 bedrooms (6 beds) – Neighbor to Hankø Yacht Club 2-3 min walk. Parking, jetty, high standard. &
There are also quite a few summerhouses for rent at and –


Caravan Parking:

Are you planning to to live in your caravan, please contact the organizer for more information.




Feriehjemmet Solviken

Offers caravan parking, tent site and 14 small cabins for rent.
To rent one of the cabins or to book space for your caravan or tent, please call tlf: +47 69 33 32 02
NB – norwegian website:
Adress: Sandbukta 22, 1628 Engelsviken.
Google Maps directions

There are five restaurants nerby. Three restaurants on the island, and one the mainland – just a short ferry trip away. See the map below.

Grocery store
Joker is the local grocery store at the mainland, a four-minute walk from the ferry berth. Joker even has its own dock for dinghies to be used by customers only.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 09-20, Sunday 10-18.


REMA 1000 GRESSVIK, Nordkilen 1, 1621 Gressvik
Approximately 12-minute drive from the parking lot at Vikane.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 07-23, Sunday Closed.

Kiwi Vestkilen, Vestkilen 3, 1621 Gressvik
Approximately 11-minute drive from the parking lot at Vikane.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 07-23, Sunday Closed.


Hankø Yacht Club

Offers reservations for breakfast, Aftersail meal and dinner. Orders and reservations are made in the bar.


American, seafood

Booking: +47 69 38 28 50 //

Hankø Hotell

Booking: +47 69 38 28 50 //

Hankøsund Restaurant


Booking (NB Norwegian page only)

Grand Café Vikane

Café and bakery and houses the Husløs pizza.

Adress: Vikaneveien 325, Contact: 918 61 067


Engelsviken Matbar – seafood, Asian
Engelsviken fiskeresturant – seafood, sushi

Fredrikstad (nearest town)
Restaurant Slippen – seafood
St. Raw – Japanese, seafood, sushi
Thai Marked – Asian, thai, vegetarian friendly

Read more at Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad

There are good opportunities for the spectators to witness the regatta. Both by taking your boat out on the water, and on the island Garnholmen.

On Garnholmen there is a new pier, were spectacors can put their boat, and walk on the top of the island to have a great view of the racecourse.

We recommend spectators to see the start of the long offshore race (30-36 hours) on Monday 7 August, and the start of the short offshore race (approx. 16 hours) on Friday 12 August.

The island Hankø

Hankø is a tranquil island that was once the hunting territory of the Master of the manor Elingaard. About a century ago fallow deer were imported from Denmark and released on Hankø. You may still meet fallow deer when walking around the island. The island also has a long history as a resort. The hotel was built in 1877 as a bath, and Seilerkroa (The Sailor’s Inn) was erected in 1883.

Hankø is a pedestrian island. The only car on the island is the one used by the hotel to transport newly arrived guests from the ferry to the hotel.
Hankø’s history as a sailing and regatta venue goes back to the 1880s. The monument on the way out to the racecourse is a memorial of King Olav V, who spent many summers sailing at Hankø.


Things to do nerby:

Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad, and Visit Østfold have great information on things to do in the region.

Visit Hvaler and Fredrikstad

Visit Østfold

Here are som examples of things to see when nerby Hankø

The Fortified Town:
Northern Europe’s best preserved Fortified town is thriving with history, shops, galleries and cafés.

Elingaard Manor is one of the country’s most fully cast facilities from the Renaissance – a noble manor house with roots dating back to the Middle Ages.

The peninsula’s history is thought to have started with small fortifications which were built during the 13th century. Until 1680 Isegran was Norway’s only sea based military harbour. At Isegran you will find the Fredrikstad museum where many exhibitions are held. From Cafè Galeien you can take in the beautiful view of Gamlebyen (The Old Town) and Vaterland in the south. Here you will find a maritime centre which builds and restores wooden boats.

Fredrikstad Cathedral:
On the edge of Kirkeparken in the city center stands this majestic Cathedral. It was built about 1880 in the Gothic Revival style of brick, with a longitudinal plan in the form of a Latin cross. The single tower is 236 feet tall at the western end, which is part of the main facade.

Hvaler contains of a group of small islands and is truly a scenic place to visit. Here you will find lots of rustic small places, historic environments, Hvaler national marine park and among Europe’s most beautiful archipelagos.

Ferry from the mainland to Hankø:

The ferry service from Vikane to Hankø runs on a daily schedule. It’s a four-minute ride across the sound.

Operating hours:

Monday – Sunday: 07:20 – 23:30

Ferry from Hankø Yacht Club to Vikane is by demand only. Call (+ 47) 458 33483 for service.

Ticket prices:

NOK 55 per adult each way from Vikane to Hankø
NOK 65 per adult each way from Vikane to Hankø Yacht Club Children travel for free up to the age of 12 when accompanied by an adult. Children travel alone for 1⁄2 price.
Bikes, dogs, and goods NOK 20.


The ferry accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards and Vipps 73122.

Participating boats are divided in to two launching and lifting places. Fredrikstad Seilforening and Fjeldly Båtopplag. Launching and lifting is included in the entry fee. 

For those of you arriving by car, KNS have arranged parking within walking distance from the ferry to Hankø. There are four parking areas close to the ferry pier, and one at Fredrikstad seilforening.

Make sure you follow the posted instructions for payment.

NB: It is not permitted to use the petrol jetty at the Marina for unloading and loading. This must be done at the ferry quay or at a designated place

A: FREE-PARKING – One car per team. The parking lot is situated 4 min walk from the grocery shop and 7 min from the ferry along Vikaneveien and will be marked. Coming by car from Oslo, the entrance is situated on your left in the turn/curve downhill towards the grocery shop (first time you see water).

Coming by car from Fredrikstad, you want to pass the grocery shop and you will find the entrance on your right in the curve uphill. The parking is marked with a KNS beach flag.

B: Is a field on the left side of the main road (driving from Oslo) – Vikaneveien, just where you would turn for Hankø Marina and the ferry. Limeted spots available, only parking on ORCi marked spots.

C: The other is larger and paved, located to the left just after you turn off Vikaneveien towards the ferry and Hankø Marina. Make sure you follow the posted instructions for payment. 

D: Is Located at Hankø Marina, you can park your car in available spaces. Download the Easypark app. It costs NOK 100 per 24 hours a day and you can drive in and out as many times as you like.

E: Is located at Fredrikstad Seilforening. The best way to come to Hankø is by boat.

There are marine shops close to Fredrikstad Marina.


The sailing will take place just off the island in open waters, where the wind and sea conditions are quite predictable. When the sea breeze fills in from the south this is for sure one of the best racecourses Norway has to offer.

These two whether stations are good indicators for the conditions:


Currents Hankø:

Currents Oslofjord:

For gribfiles with wind and currents for downloading: 

More info will come

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er Oversiktskart-2-1024x835.jpg
NB: There are more parking areas + The Race Office may be at the Yacht Club

Laget av Kompani Kvam