KNS boatpool

KNS has a fleet of five J 70, three J 80 boats, eight RS Zest boats, four RS Quest Boats and 10 windsurfer boards for adult that can be used by KNS members that have basic sailing skills.  With our annual Boatpool membership fee boats can be booked for regatta sailing, training or leisure. Seasonal […]

Term and Conditions of use

Membership and user categories Registered boat pool users are defined in to categories: “Skippers” are authorized users that have access to boat booking systems. KNS and/or pool boat working group representatives have the ability to approve users as “skippers”  “Crew users” are members who aren’t (yet) authorized as skippers. Crew users must sail with a […]

Boatpool usermanual

Before Sailing Before sailing, the team needs to: It is important that the skipper / team go thoroughly over the boat before it is checked-in. In case there are damage / defects on the boat it should be noted in the “Check in” form. Remember that the form must be submitted BEFORE the sailing begins. […]