KNS Boatpool

KNS boatpool is an alternative to owning a boat and/or a fun way to practice sailing on modern & sporty sailboats. As member of KNS boatpool you get access to four J70 and two J80 boats ready to sail. 


Booking Calendar

Only skippers have access to KNS online booking system. Crew users are entitled to sail with authorized skippers

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Boat pool user manual

This article describes practical use and handling of the equipement before, during and after sailing.

Ckeck in/out boats

Users are obligated to check in/out boats. Before and after use
Clikk here to check in/out


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Terms and Conditions of use

All boatpool members shall follow KNS boatpool rules. KNS has the right to update conditions and rules without preliminary agreement with the users. 

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Julebord for Tur og hav

7. desember blir det julebord på Dronningen 

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Mandagsmøte 7 januar

Edward Hambro forteller fra Sleipner forliset i 1999

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Mandagsmøte 4 februar

Med "Moon" fra is til is på 2 år - Fra Alaska til Grønland via Panama

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KNS Shop
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Kongelig Norsk Seilforening
Huk Aveny 1, 0287 Oslo
Telefon: 23 27 56 00

KNS Seilsportsenter Ulabrand
Daglig leder: Geir Dahl Andersen
Hengsengveien 31, 0287 Oslo
Telefon: 916 01 352

Dronningen Selskapslokaler
Huk Aveny 1
0287 Oslo
Telefon: 91 13 18 35




 Havnesjef   934 08 820   kl. 08.00-16.00 hverdager
 Havneassistent   992 74 368   kl. 08.00-16.00 hverdager



  909 82 648   kl. 16.00-21.30 hverdager

  kl. 08.00-21.30 lørdag og søndag

Åpningstider Sekretariatet:
Man-fre kl. 09-16